Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm totally going to give this to James.  I was checking up on all my loved ones today when I came to my sis-in-law Susan's little site.  First off I love her new print.  Susan it's fabulous!  And secondly I thought this little Mother's Day reminder card was perfect for my "not so perfect gift giving" husband.  I printed it out and I filled in the blanks.  Maybe come Sunday I may have a Big Hunk candy bar or something letting me know he cares.  Yesterday I was talking to his mom and sister and they were shocked at his lack of "with it-ness" when it comes to birthdays, Valentines, and Mother's Day.  I did then remind them that he is absolutely perfect all 362 other days of the year.  I shall forgive him, but if a little help is all he needs.........I've given it to him now!

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