Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She Won

Emma won! The posters were a hit, but I thought I must inform those who care. My mom and dad called yesterday morning from their vacation to see what happened with Emma's election. They figured since I hadn't called them yet that Emma must have lost. Actually she won, but it broke her little heart.

I was waiting in the house for Emma to walk down from the bus Fri. afternoon and as she walked through the door I yelled, "Well.................!" Emma's reply was soft and sad. "I won." and then she burst into tears. Her favorite friend was running against her and Taylor had not been chosen. I really think Emma would have felt better about Taylor winning. So for the next 15 mins. Emma and I hugged in the laundry room and cried for Taylor and her broken heart. I actually cried because of Emma's tender heart, and her compassion for a favorite friend. Man- I'm going to do better. I learn a lot from my kids. They're wonderful, and perfect, and beautiful. I not prejudice either. I'm more proud of Emma for her kindness than for her winning any popularity contest. The kindness will take her a lot farther in life than anything else she could ever achieve.


  1. Congratulations Emma! We love you and are glad you are as kind as you are popular. You are number 1 in our book of great kids.

  2. I must be really emotional right now because it is making my eyes water reading this! Congratulations Emma! Taylor can be your right hand girl!

  3. Sniff, sniff. Emma, you are so sweet and we are so proud of you! You will be an awesome officer because of your kindness! Taylor is a lucky girl to have such a great friend! Thanks for your good example. We love you!!!

  4. I saw you on Studio 5, loved a recipe, and looked at your family blog which I loved. Thank you for sharing your daughters sweet story, I started to tear up, what a great lesson for us all. Our motherhood job teach us everyday. Eugenia Coram