Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Isn't Going To End Well

Just thought I'd introduce our little babies.  These little eggs are from a cute little Kill Deer momma bird who is trying her darndest to hatch these little chics.  "I don't think this is going to end pretty."   Those were James' exact words this morning.  Titty and Lou, our kitties have now started tormenting the momma bird.  Once those chics hatch they'll make their first squeak and the kitties will hear it as a breakfast bell.  Oh the carnage.  It ain't going to be pretty.

Last week Seth came running in to tell me about the nest he found.  The eggs are nestled down in a bunch of gravel my driveway.  Right by the front door.  What was she thinking!  I've never seen a nest like this or eggs like this, but I've never looked.  I wonder how many of them I've squashed in my lifetime.  So the circle of life continues.  I hate the circle of life sometimes.  Some critters don't even get a chance.  I think Seth would nurse these little birds if he could.  He's going to need a Dollar Store visit soon to get his mind off his babies:(

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