Friday, January 8, 2010

A Beautiful Day For A Wedding

Don't we all want to be June brides? Well Jess made being a January bride seem wonderful. My youngest brother was married yesterday to a perfect girl. Actually I take full credit for this union. I knew these two would be good together the moment my James hired Jess at our bakery. Eric was still on his mission to Taiwan at the time, but I had an inkling that these two could do well together. Well 2+ years later, 18 months of that was Jess on her mission in Dallas, and these two are now Mr. and Mrs.

The day was exceedingly cold and crisp, but beautiful still. Eric's new father-in-law still needs some time to get used to Eric I think. I'm not so sure he's real keen on this marriage of his youngest daughter, but they're going to be happy. Really happy! Trust me on this one. I've known for years. Congratulations to Jess and Eric! We love your stinking guts!

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  1. Lisa- beautiful photos! It was such a special day yesterday and so fun to see you all. Love the new blog look- you sure do great things! Lindi