Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Best Week Of The Year!

Hey!  Is Josh standing on his tippy toes?  He sure looks mighty tall.  I would have sucked in if I knew we were cheating!

The annual Garner Family Reunion at Bear Naked Lake was a hit this year.  Thurs. through Sat. tons and tons of Garner's, Smith's and Clawson's convened upon the family sanctuary.  What would we do without a cabin in Bear Lake?  I'm not sure we would survive.  It has become the home I think of when I think of my family.  My parents moved away from the family home all us kids grew up in years ago and the cabin is now the place I think of when I think of "mom and dad's house".  Saturday every single person was there.  Not a soul was missing.  It was wonderful.  The beach was wonderful, the Mango Slaw was delish, raspberry shakes were devoured in Garden City, night games were fun, the smores were huge, and Heavenly Father answered my prayers for a wind free day at the lake (and to get Jed and Gina back to us safely.).  That doesn't happen very often at Bear Lake.  Only when the Garner's are magically all there:)

As we left last night there were cries of, "Night Games 2011!!"  Kids and adults alike were all charmed by the weekend.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa G!  The cabin is magical and we loved all you did for us.  Thanks Hollie and Sam for coming from Boise and all the brothers!  I love your families, and wives and my life if happy and perfect because of you all!  I love my family!!  So till next year there are memories and pictures to remind us of the best week of the year. I cried the whole way home last night, but I know I'm not alone.  My mom's blue I'm sure, and Eric just called bawling too.  It was that kind of a weekend.  I can't wait until 2011!  Click here to view all the photos!

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  1. WOW! that was the perfect 1/2 week at Better Lake, yet. It is so nice when we are all together. It is a little piece of heaven. I love you all. What a joy you all are to Rod and myself. Thanks for being great people. Thanks Lisa for taking all the pictures. You are one of the best. MOM