Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Luck Emma! (And Thanks Doug!)

New Era-ish Emma Magazine Cover

Princess Leah- love the buns.

Time again for the yearly running for office at our home and what would we do without our fabulous Uncle Doug! Now most kids are wondering what color of poster board to write on, but not us. We have a professional in the family that comes up with fantastic posters in a matter of minutes. Fri. night James texted Doug at about 8:00pm to tell him that Emma had made the primary election, and need 2 posters by Sat. (since we wouldn't be going to Sam's on Sun.) He had 4 ideas an hour later. What a guy. I'm sure he had nothing else to do on a Fri. night?

Emma is a bit torn though. You see one of her favorite friends is running as well and only 1 of them can win. She feels she has an unfair advantage now. She almost started to cry thinking about her friend. On the other hand Jed was telling her how his posters destroyed the competiton last year for him. He has no mercy. So good luck Emma and a million thanks to Uncle Doug!! We'll let you know how it turns out. No matter what she is dang excited to have the posters in her room when all is said and done.

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